Thursday, April 26, 2007

new job

i just got a call from a west coast store and i'm expecting an email soon and then i'll be all set up for a shiny new job in a shiny new mall. a BIG shiny new mall.
it's going to be a commute. it's probably the farthest store i could have picked. but they called me right away and sound really excited to have me and will have lots of hours for me, so i'm not complaining. i will not be driving there, because i think gas would be outrageous and once my sister is back in school then sharing the car would become ridiculous too, so i'm going to get a bus pass. i think this will be good. i'll be able to get lots of reading done on my ride.
i know it will eat a couple extra hours out of my day...but i'm going to be as positive as i can about it. at least it will be on the bus and dealing with other drivers for an hour. there's a huge park next to the mall, and a library attached to it. i wonder if there's also a gym nearby? will look into it.

as for running, i just registered for the vancouver half-marathon in june. i've run it twice, and it was really good the last time so i'm excited. except i was in way better shape at the end of that april than i am now. but i am harbouring a secret goal for this year, which is to finish in less that 2hours. my last times were 2:15 (a bad year - running with a knee injury), and 2:07 (a not-too-bad year). this year i want to fly through it in a spectacular 1:55. if i could get there by june 24 from here, it would be mind blowing. but of course it's always impressive to just finish 21km.

i do, in fact, have an exam tomorrow, so i can't just keep going on and on about what i should do. i have to go do it now.

so i started a blog

so...its my last 5 days in toronto, and then i'm back to richmond for good. you know that feeling like when its a new year, a new house, a new job, a new season, or new start to Something and youre all full of resolutions and excitement and eagerness, excited for the opportunity to make a change and really have it stick? yeah i feel like way but like, multiply by about a thousand. and i don't know what to do with myself.

now yes i do usually keep a journal, in the form of my daytimer. each day is divided into a few little boxes that are school, work, running, and other. then at the end of every week is a "this week" page and also the end of every month is a "this month" page and i use those to write out some of my goals, regrets, priorities, etc in order to refocus. but it's sort of not enough to really take care of expressing all the new things going on right now.

one of the main problems is fitting in the running/fitness stuff. i really like to log my runs, to describe them and record them and look back at them, etc, but there's not enough room in my planner and whenever i (frequently) try to start a seperate log it just never works out. so i'm hoping this blog will help me do that. it's good motivation for me to look back and see how far ive come, and to put into writing what my goals are, and to keep them somewhere safe and accesible.

so i'm blogging. i thought i'd give it a shot.

ps the titile of the blog is from the fantastic fantastic poem "song of the ungirt runners" by charles hamilton sorely, and it's the best running poem i've ever read.