Sunday, May 20, 2007

it was raining.

i had the day off. so of course i slept in, then sat around cooking, eating, watching tv and surfing the web for like, 6 hours. finally, i got dressed to go for a run in the rain, decided that it's like, miserable, and sat back down at the computer hoping to get inspired. of course the best inspiration to run on a rainy day is the last stanza of sorley's poem, which is what finally got me going. i memorized the lines ("the rain is on our lips/ we do not run for prize/ but for the storm the wind whips/ and the wave howls to the skies/ the winds arise and strike it/ and scatter it like said/ we run becuause we like it/ across the broad bright land"), then ran out the door before i could stop myself. i did my blundell run in long intervals.
km min
0-2 11:00
2-4 9:50 (20:50)
4-5 6:10 (27:00)
5-7 9:25 (36:25)
7-8 6:05 (42:30)
8-10 9:30 (minus 45s at a red light)
total time: 52 min

it gave me time to think. i'm angry at myself for being so lazy the past few weeks. i generally consider myself pretty hardcore. i'm a keener. i like physical things. i LIKE runnig in the rain. so why do i get into these moods where i feel like i cant? i need to relight my own fire here.

so tonight i'm going to the boy's house. tomorrow i plan to turn his basement into a personal gym. and then tuesday i'll finish my room, and put up some pictures and make a big wall calendar with a training schedule. maybe ill actually set some short term goals and write them down.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

settling in

so i did do that 8 miler, finally, on thursday morning before work (that's 6:30am). i don't even remember how it felt or anything - that 's the benefit of running first thing in the morning - you can just put it out of your mind. i did it in about 1:21, with an even pace the whole way. so i still don't feel as though i'm getting way behind in preparing for the half, just a little bit (keep missing all the short fast strength-building runs, which means my time will suck, but i wont die).

i'm like, a huge procrastinator. i guess one of the good things about training for a long run is that you can't prepare overnight for it, you have to start nice and early. i just got my grades back for last term, so that's been on my mind (as in, if i hadn't written that paper the morning it was due, i could have got a better mark and therefore a better gpa etc.) Also, i still haven't finished unpacking and it's sort of stressing me out that i can't find things but in order to get organized it's goign to require a major overhaul of my room (it's not easy to fit a whole condo's worth of things into my bedroom). i'm thinking about moving furniture around even. but thats too much work for me to just do it, i have to sit around and think about it for a few weeks first. i dont know why it takes so much effort for me to just do things lately. hopefully training for this run will help reform my attitude a little bit. i really need to prove it to myself.

Monday, May 14, 2007

muffiny morning

even though i had the whole day off, i slept in until noon, then read, baked and ate muffins for 6 hours (okay mostly read) and now i'm watching 24. at some point i'm going to go for that 8 miler i missed some point. i clearly need more motivation these days. something is missing.

Friday, May 11, 2007

i run faster than cows

so i got a little bit lazy earlier this week, and skipped a bunch of runs. there was some windy rainy weather involved and all my motivation just dissapeared. also my shifts at work have been from 10-630 which makes fitting in a run terrible - either waking up really really early, or running in the evening with the mosquitos. sigh. I did get back out there though.

Yesterday's Run: we'll call this route, which is a staple, "Blundell". it's 5 miles, and on my fastest days i can do it in 42min, on my slowest it's around 1 hour. everything else is based around it.

yesterday it was the evening, it was me and the bugs, and i forgot my watch but i do know that it was about 50min or so. and a negative split.

Today's Run:I did my Blundell run, but cut it a little short, down to 4miles. took 42:30min altogether, split time was 22:15. beautiful hot sunny day. noticed a sign as i got onto to the dyke saying "Attention: Standing Pools of Water..." which must have a been about all the mosquitos. hopefully it continues to say that they will be spraying the ditches. i will try to get a closer read tomorrow.

Also, there are lots of baby cows. my blundell run takes me past a beef farm. there are about 2 dozen cows, including lots of little fluffy babies. they were running in the same direction i was, but i passed them. i run faster than cows.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

there is now a plan

okay so first things first, i decided against the big shiny mall store and am going with the neighbourhood location, which isn't in a mall, but is much closer and has a higher-up position available. this will save a few hours in my day, which i guess in the end is worth it.

as for running, well now that i'm home and i've had a few days to jog and figure things out, i have a plan. there is really not so much time to work up to the distance i need, let alone the time goal. so this is fairly aggressive. we'll see how it goes and sort of play it by ear.

x = cross train, either strength or some other cardio, like cycling or rollarblading. the goal is to equal at least 60min 6 days a week.
5/6 milers = tempo runs
3/4 milers = speed or hills
> 7 miles = long slow distance

DayDistance Goal
May 26
May 3x
May 44
May 56
May 67
May 83x
May 96
May 104x
May 11x
May 123
May 138
May 154x
May 166
May 174x
May 18x
May 193
May 209
May 224x
May 236
May 244x
May 255x
May 26x
May 2710
May 293x
May 306
May 314x
June 15x
June 23x
June 311
June 54x
June 66
June 74x
June 86
June 93x
June 1012
June 124x
June 136
June 144x
June 155x
June 163x
June 1713
June 193x
June 204
June 223x
June 24Race Day

um yeah. i'll make that a little clearer when i have the time.

i did the 6 miler, 30 min rollarblade, and 4miler no problem, no problem scheduling either. looking forward to the rest of them!